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Offline Marketing Teams!

Street Crewz are changing the way people do network marketing by working offline. The results have been amazing! People like the personal touch and being able to hold marketing material in their hands.

How Does It Work?

Highlevel Overview

  1. - Step 1. Give Someone An Invite Card
  2. - Step 2. Sign Them Up Using Your Mobile Device
  3. - Step 3. Plug Them Into Our New Member Center
  4. - Step 4. Get Paid!!!
  5. - Step 5. Rinse & Repeat

Video Overview

Street Crewz Overview Video

Levels 2-12 give you access to resellable training.

Phase 1 - Pay Plan

Street Crewz Phase 1

Phase 2 - Pay Plan

Street Crewz Phase 2

StartUp Costs

  • $5.00 Phase 1 - Level 1

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